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Gamification for business

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Build a community around your brand, product, service. Increase sales and customer loyalty, raise the efficiency of your employees.

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Tailor made solutions

Mobile applications for business

We will design, develop and implement mobile solutions to support your business objectives.


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We provide consulting services in the field of IT service management (according to ITIL).
We help to implement agile project management (SCRUM).
We advise on HR field.

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We specialize in designing and implementing business applications and gamification solutions for business purposes. Our solutions are "tailor-made", dedicated to particular customers, tailored to their needs and specific industry. We combine knowledge of behaviorism and new technologies. We combine many years of experience and knowledge about new trends in managing and building relationships with customers.


Corporate and e-commerce websites.


Gamification for business.


Tailored-made business applications.


HR and IT services management.

Rediscover your business with gamification!

Tailor made software for your business
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We design, develop and implement mobile and web applications realizing business objectives of our customers.

Analysis and design

UX & Graphics design

We offer a comprehensive range of services. We will analyze your needs and requirements and then we design for you application that fulfill the business goals like streamlining of processes; cost reduction; community growth around your brand, product or service; revenue growth; strengthen the loyalty of your customers; improvement of marketing communications; improvement the efficiency of your employees, etc.

Development and implementation

iOS, Android, .Net, PHP

We develop applications for all major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 10). We create server solutions using programming languages like PHP and .Net. Before choice of technology we will jointly analyze your preferences, requirements, opportunities and market trends. Working with us you can be sure that the chosen technology is best for realization of your project.


You get the idea - we will join it with our knowledge and realize it together.


We prepare UX design, which will show you how your application will run.


We program your application in accordance with the functional, UX and graphic designs.


We publish your application from your account or if you don't have one we help you to create it.

Gamification for business

What is gamification and what can be achieved through it?

Gamification applies to elements of the game to contexts other than the game itself. It uses game elements that we like in the games and adds them to the daily operations to make them more interesting.
Gamification mechanisms use the joy of competition and receiving awards which prompts us to undertake a specific activity or modify our behavior.
Gamification changes the way of thinking about behavior and motivation, it is a mechanism through which we can effectively influence people to change their habits.
Gamification is the use of game logic to influence people’s behavior through immediate, positive feedback.


Gamification guru Yu-kai Chou noted that currently the majority of IT business solutions are designed in model of “Function-Focused Design”. This means that their designers assume that the most important thing is to optimize productivity in the system. Traditional UX / UI designs focus on how to make a task “easier” to do, instead of how to build the motivation to do it at all. Gamification designing is based on the model of “Human-Focused Design” and focuses on optimizing systems for human emotion and motivation, ultimately modeling the behaviors that have a positive impact on business results.
The reason why this approach is called gamification is the fact that it is the gaming industry that was the first to successfully master the “Human-Focused Design” to perfection. Why? Because in general people do not have to play. They have to pay taxes, go to work, to school, but do not have to play. And they play… When the game ceases to be interesting, people leave it and play another game, check theirs email, go to YouTube and so on.
Game developers have spent decades working on this how to cause millions of people hanging out with their productions a few hours a day even though games really do not bring into their lives nothing concrete.
Today, companies from various industries use knowledge acquired by gaming industry to services that meet their important business functions, but do not carry the emotional potential as it is in games.
Gamification combines many disciplines, such as scenario game design, dynamics, motivation, behavioral economics, UX / UI, neurobiology, technology platforms, all in order to deliver measurable business results.

Several examples of successful gamification implementations:

  1. AUTODESK: use of trial versions of the software increased by 40%, and the conversion to full versions of 15% (source: Huffington Post)
  2. BELL MEDIA: thanks to the mechanism of social rewards achieved an increase in the number of loyal customers by 33% (Source: Society for Human Resource Management)
  3. CISCO: the use of gamification mechanisms increased sales of selected products by 8% to 12%, reducing the time of calls to the customer service center by 15% (source: Deloitte Review)
  4. DELOITTE: the time needed to complete training programs with gamification was reduced by 50% (source: Huffington Post)
  5. NIKE: thanks to gamification within one year reached 5 million daily active users reporting their athletic achievements (Source: Huffington Post)


We will analyze your company’s business processes and will identify elements that may be the subject of the gamification mechanism. Gamification mechanisms fits perfect into HR processes. Our solutions will change the work culture in your company, will stimulate innovation and openness to cooperation of your employees. Together, we will ensure that your employees are realizing business objectives operating at the level of fun and healthy competition.
Gamification will cause that work in your company becomes a passion. New quality of work is the transition from “earn for living” to awaken ambition of “more than I could expect of me.”


We can help you to build a new kind of relationship between your brand and your customers. Thanks to our solutions based on gamification mechanisms your brand will gain not only new customers but also a knowledge of their needs and expectations.
So far, marketing efforts were focused on involving customer loyalty programs at the transactional level.
Gamification marketing is a passage from the involvement of the transaction on the level of emotional involvement.

We advise to companies Gamification scenarios
Business Processes Analysis
HR Processes Consultancy

Business processes analysis

Our business consulting services are directed to the companies open to contemporary trends in management and innovative use of IT tools. We effectively advise our clients on the selection of organizational and technological solutions. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions based on mechanisms grywalizacyjnych supported by a dedicated IT tool in areas such as HR, marketing and IT. Consulting projects executed based on in-depth analysis of business processes and the organizational culture of the company.

IT Services management. IT Projects management.

We help organizations improve the functioning of their departments IT.Dzięki implementation of the Code of Conduct for IT departments (ITIL), we are able to increase the efficiency of the IT structures in your organization. ITIL allows the modeling of processes in organizations both commercial and noncommercial, regardless of company size, type of organization or existing tools.